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Air Conditioning Installer Underfloor Heating systems (UFH) are becoming increasingly popular for new build properties as well as property refurbishments and extensions.

Solar PV Panels Underfloor Heating systems (UFH) are becoming increasingly popular for new build properties as well as property refurbishments and extensions. They provide excellent comfort levels without the need to hang radiators on the walls.

Underfloor Heating also permits increased flexibility with the interior design as there are no limitations with furniture locations as is the case with traditional radiators.


Daikin Altherma 16KW Split Outside Unit

Underfloor Heating systems can be installed in conjunction with most heat sources including Heat Pumps, mains gas, oil and LPG.

However, they are especially well-suited to Heat Pumps due to the lower flow temperatures associated with Heat Pumps (typically around 40DegC). This leads to improved system efficiencies and lower running costs.


Depending upon the property layout and floor construction there are a number of Underfloor Heating systems that can be specified.


A screeded UFH system utilises special plastic pipe clipped onto a thick layer of insulation and then enclosed within a concrete screed which is poured on top. The enclosed pipework is then supplied with hot water (typically at 35-40DegC) and this heats the surrounding concrete hence providing a large thermal mass. This in-turn transfers the heat into the room above and provides very even and stable room temperatures.

Floor Joists:

For traditional wooden joisted floors (or new builds with engineered “posi-joists) a screeded system can be difficult to install. In these instances an aluminium “plate” system can be installed. This comprises aluminium plates positioned between the joists, with insulation underneath.

The plastic UFH pipes are then located into pre-formed recesses in the aluminium plates and the final floor boarding is affixed on top. The pipes transfer the heat energy into the aluminium plates and from there through to the surface of the floor, from where the room is heated.

Daikin Altherma 16KW Split Outside Unit

Surface Mounted:

For properties with existing concrete floors it is often prohibitively expensive to remove the floors in order to install a screeded system. In these instances purpose-built pre-insulated boards can be placed directly onto the surface of the existing concrete floor.

These boards have pre-formed channels in the top surface into which the plastic UFH pipework can be routed. Floor boarding can then be placed on top of this in preparation for the final floor covering.

However, it should be noted that with minimal insulation between the UFH pipework and existing concrete floor, some heat energy will be transferred into the underlying concrete and transferred downwards. This can reduce the system efficiencies and must be factored-in to the system design.


Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pump - exploded view Bright Green Renewables offer a comprehensive Underfloor Heating system Design and Installation service. This can be undertaken using the floor plans and floor construction details, or via a site survey.

We can then provide a complete system design including manifold location(s), room zoning, pipe routing and electronic controls (including remote connectivity and operation via WiFi). The final design will comprise a piping layout, pipe cutting schedule and zoning plan.

Bright Green Renewables can also install the designed UFH system, pressure test it and commission the final system, whether or not we install the primary heating system.

For more information about our services, or if you would like to discuss Underfloor Heating Systems in more detail, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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