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250 mile-wide solar panel belt around Moon?

09 December 2013Solar Photovoltaic

A Japanese company has announced an innovative solution to their nation's energy problems, a 250 mile-wide belt of solar panels on the moon.

Tokyo based Shimizu Corp has suggested laying a belt of solar panels 250 miles wide around the moon's equator, relaying the constant supply of energy to receiving stations on the Earth via microwave or laser transmission.

In theory, the "Luna Ring" would be capable of sending 13,000,000,000 megawatts of power per year to Earth. They pointed out that the USA only generated just over 4,000,000,000 megawatts of power in 2011.

In their proposal on their website, Shimizu states that "A shift from economical use of limited resources to the unlimited use of clean energy is the ultimate dream of mankind". "The Luna Ring .... translates this dream into reality through ingenious ideas coupled with advanced space technologies."

Until March 2011, before the earthquake and tsunami which crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant, Japan relied largely on nuclear power.

See the full article on Space.com.

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