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Feed-in tariff cuts - Solar companies to sue UK government

27 January 2013Solar Photovoltaic

Solar companies are planning to sue the UK government for over £100 million in damages due to the cuts in subsidies in 2011 which were subsequently ruled as "legally flawed" in the high court.

The 17 companies have said that the handling of the feed-in tariff changes was be disastrous to their businesses because it lead to a dramatic fall in the number of people wanting to install solar panels and the companies have had to make thousands of people redundant.

In the long running legal battle that has taken the solar industry to the high court, the court of appeals as well as the supreme court, the companies have argued successfully each time that the government is at fault for announcing a cut in the tariff before it was legally permitted to do so.

Prior to the cuts, homeowners were paid 43.3 pence per kWh of electricity generated, but in October 2011 the tariff was cut to 21p reducing returns from around 7% to 4%. The short notice cuts gave potential customers an impression of a policy that could change at very little notice and reduced confidence in the scheme as a result.

There are currently over 360,000 homes and businesses with solar panels in the UK with over 25,000 people employed in the solar industry.

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Is it still worth it?

Yes - the cost of installing solar panels has come down dramatically and you will still benefit from having them installed by receiving Feed-In tariff payments that will comfortably exceed your investment in a relatively short period of time.

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