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Case Studies

Installation of 131 roof-integrated Solar PV Panels for Grand Union Housing Group

Grand Union Housing Group, Bridgewater House, Brackley

08 Jul 2019Solar Photovoltaic

Bright Green are very pleased to have completed and commissioned a 131-panel, state-of-the-art roof integrated Solar PV array onto Bridgewater House in Brackley on behalf of Grand Union Housing Group

New build Warwickshire Country Manor House uses Daikin High Temperature Heat Pump and large ground-mounted Solar PV array to minimise running costs.

Mr & Mrs S, Warwickshire

22 May 2017Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Our client purchased a nearly completed 9 bedroom, 9 bathroom country Manor House with swimming pool, gymnasium, games room and media room. Rather than installing an 85KW LPG boiler and burying a large tank to store the fuel to run it, Bright Green Renewables undertook a 365 day simulation of the heat input required for the property and proved that the heating requirements could be provided by a single Daikin High Temperature heat pump with a small LPG boiler used to cover any shortfalls in capacity in the depths of winter.
The space heating and domestic hot water systems operate fully automatically and the heat pump system is eligible for 7-year, index-linked grants via the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. This will pay back the cost of the Renewable Energy installation and will also result in significantly reduced running costs.

Office Air Conditioning Upgrade

Merryhill Accountancy Services Limited, Braunston

22 Jul 2016

An Accountancy company have a medium sized office in Braunston. Their existing Air Conditioning system had been well used and needed replacing. Bright Green were asked to remove 3 Sharp Split type Air Condition units and replace with 3 Mitsubishi 2.5kw heating and cooling Split units.

Warwickshire Farmhouse owner installs Daikin HT Heat Pump and 10KW Ground mounted Solar PV array

Mr & Mrs J, Warwickshire

26 Apr 2016Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Mr & Mrs J live in a large farmhouse in an off-gas village. They had a very inefficient electric heating system that cost a lot to run and with poor controllability. Due to the age of the house and a desire not to increase the radiator sizes, Bright Green proposed a Daikin High Temperature heat pump to feed the existing radiator system along with a new 400L Hot Water Cylinder with solar thermal input from panels mounted on the roof to provide large quantities of hot water.
It was also proposed that a 32 panel 10KW ground mounted Solar PV array be installed in an adjoining field. The output from this would be used to provide the power for the heat pump and for their electric car charging station.
After the successful commissioning of the heat pump and Solar PV array both systems were eligible for generous index-lined Government grants, for which the couple successfully applied. Since then their electricity bills have plummeted and the house temperature is far more comfortable and controllable.

Northamptonshire Extended Cottage save with Solar PV and Heat Pump

Mr & Mrs S, Northamptonshire

09 Nov 2015Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Mr & Mrs S live in a Northamptonshire 17th century cottage which also has a large extension. Their existing storage heater system was insufficient in comparison to the size of the cottage. Bright Green were called and proposed a 13 panel east-west solar PV along with a 14kw Daikin Air Source Heat Pump and Hydrobox and new radiators throughout.

Home Owner Cuts Oil Heating Costs By 75% With Heat Pumps

Mr & Mrs P, Warwickshire

01 May 2014Air Source Heat Pump

Mr & Mrs P purchased a period 1830’s Georgian property in late 2007 and inherited an oil consumption of around 10,000 litres per year. Cost at today’s oil prices over £7,000 per year.
Having researched the market in detail the customer concluded that a Renewable Heating system was the only viable option to reduce costs and improve CO2 emissions.

Warkwickshire Farmhouse Green Solution Lowers Energy Bills By 50%

Mr A, Warwickshire

04 Aug 2012Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Mr A lives in an old farmhouse in Warwickshire and already had a 10KWp solar PV installation from Bright Green Renewables. Due to the poor performance of his existing central heating system Bright Green proposed the installation of a 16KW Daikin monoblock Air Source Heat Pump to provide central heating and hot water. This would also help ensure that he benefited from the free electricity generated by his solar PV array.

Home Cuts Energy Costs With Solar PV System

Mr R, Warwickshire

04 Jul 2012Solar Photovoltaic

Mr R works from home and has a large electricity consumption due to a heated indoor training swimming pool and air conditioning units in his working Gym.

He wanted to install a 4KW solar PV system onto one of his outbuildings in order to offset some of these electricity costs whilst benefiting from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff scheme to help recover his investment.

Solar Panels Offer Farm Over £20,000 Of Savings

Mr H, Warwickshire

04 Jul 2012Solar Photovoltaic

Mr H is a local cattle farmer. He has recently erected two new 70m long barns to winter his herd. He has also started the construction of a new 4 bedroom farmhouse near to the barns. He has no access to mains gas.

Mr H doesn’t want to use fossil fuels to heat the new farmhouse or provide domestic hot water and originally requested the feasibility of installing a 4KWp solar PV array on the new farmhouse to provide electricity for a renewable heating solution.

Bright Green Renewables assessed the overall situation and proposed a far more innovative and cost-effective solution.

Old Farmhouse Greatly Reduce Electric Bills Using Solar Panels

Mr G, Warwickshire

04 Jul 2012Solar Photovoltaic

Mr G is a retired farmer and lives in an old farm house. Bright Green Renewables installed an Air Source Heat Pump into his property in 2011 and he has benefitted from a significant reduction in his heating and hot water bills following the change from LPG heating to a heat pump.

With a view to reducing his utility bills further Bright Green Renewables proposed the installation of a 4KW solar PV array. Rather than disturb the traditional farmhouse roof a powder-coated ground mounted system was designed and installed.

Worcestershire Business New Green Heating Saves 60%

Mr A, Worcestershire

04 Jun 2012Air Source Heat PumpSolar Photovoltaic

Mr A already had a south-facing 8KWp solar PV array installed by Bright Green Renewables on the roof of his company offices in Worcestershire. These old prefabricated offices had no central heating and are poorly insulated. The 25+ staff members used numerous stand-alone electric convector heaters to heat the offices throughout the winter (and these were often left running overnight). Due to the flat roof structure of the offices they also become unbearably hot in the summer and portable air conditioning units were frequently hired to help cool the buildings. The costs to provide heating and cooling all year round were becoming prohibitively high and the electrical supply capacity of the building was approaching its limit.